Engineering, Installation, and Service

Humidification needs are as varied as the facilities themselves. All systems are individually engineered and designed by experienced engineers and product managers. A survey of climate conditions, plant configurations and dimensions, heat loads, and other related processes determines the customer's individual humidification needs. The system is designed and manufactured to accurately meet the determined requirements.

Field trained technicians will install the systems and familiarize the customers' personnel with the various aspects and components. Our Installation Supervisor is available to provide assistance for customer-installed systems. Field service technicians and in-house staff continue the after-sale support. Additionally, American Moistening's warranties on parts and labor are automatically initiated. Service contracts are also available to assist the customer in their annual preventive maintenance schedule. These contracts may be purchased at any time.

American Moistening designs and manufactures a variety of products to meet individual needs. In addition to the high pressure systems mentioned here, air assist systems and small area space humidifiers are offered.


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