Compressed Air Humidification Systems

This type of humidification system is based on atomizing water using compressed air. Self-cleaning nozzles are very reliable. They produce a fog-like mist that is easily absorbed in the atmosphere. Using tap water, these systems are economical to operate and have low maintenance. The humidity level is controlled within ± 2%.

  • Controls plant humidity to within ± 2% relative humidity
  • Self cleaning atomizers eliminate clogging
  • Gravity-fed system prevents leaking or dripping
  • Uses tap water - compressed air
  • Produces "fog like" mist - easily adsorbed in atmospheres
  • Easy to install - plant personnel
  • Economical to operate - low maintenance costs
  • Engineering, service and spare parts available from Pineville, NC

The humidity control cabinet, in conjunction with the remote mounted humidity sensor, continually monitors plant humidity. The system is automatically activated when the humidity falls below targeted levels. The controller activates the air control unit, allowing 28 psi of air into the system.

This mixes with gravity-fed "tap" water in the atomizer chamber and produces a very fine mist which is easily absorbed in the plant's atmosphere. When desired humidity levels are reached, the system is automatically shut off.

Humidification needs are as varied as the manufacturing facilities themselves. All systems are individually engineered and designed by experienced engineers and product managers. A survey of heat loads, square and cubic footage, the manufacturing process, etc., determines the customer's individual humidification needs. The system is designed and manufactured to accurately meet the determined requirements.

Field trained technicians will install the systems and familiarize the customers' personnel with the various aspects and components. Our installation supervisors are available to provide assistance for customer-installed system. Field service technicians and in-house staff continue the after-sale support.

Automatic Drain Valve
On each cycling of the system allows any build-up of water or oil in the air line to be automatically vented into a plant's atmosphere or drain.

Air Connection Valve
Rugged, solid brass air connector connects atomizer to clamp tee on air line. A manual ball valve permits atomizer shut-off while system is in operation.

Water Connection
8" long x 1/4" plastic tube assembly connects atomizer to the clamp tee on water line.

Silvermist Atomizer
Self-cleaning, no-clog atomizer is made of stainless steel construction for years of maintenance-free operation. Produces fine mist spray - quickly absorbed in plant's atmosphere.

Clamp Tee
Heavy-duty zinc-plated steel construction with 1/4" brass connection and neoprene washer. Used to secure air and water connections to galvanized or PVC pipe. (Discard plastic tube.)

Double Ring Pipe Hanger & Stay Clamp
Double ring pipe hanger used to hang system from ceiling, keeping water and air lines in proper distance from each other. Stay clamp adds rigidity and stability to system.

Air Control Unit
Controls air to system. Rugged construction. Quick air relief for fast and accurate response. Solenoid receives electrical signal from control cabinet. Complete with air valve, regulator, filter, gauge, and solenoid valve.

Polypropylene Water Supply Tank
Automatically controls water to the proper level.

Humidity Controller
Digital controller senses humidity to within ±2%. Automatically controls air control unit based upon humidity setpoint.

Humidity Sensor
Rugged, yet extremely accurate. Humidistat senses humidity in the dirtiest environments.

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