Space Humidifiers


  • Digital control and display panel
  • Recommended for areas too small to install a full system
  • Will cover up to 2,500 - 3,500 square feet in most applications
  • Air and Water Pressure regulator valve included
  • Two sizes: 24 or 36 pounds of water per hour (11 or 16 litres/hr)
  • Connects to 24V DC, 120V, 230V
  • 3/8" air and water supply line fittings
  • Operates on 30-psi compressed air
  • Can be used with regular potable water
  • Four Stainless Steel Atomizers
  • Improves Quality Control by controlling humidity levels within ±2%
  • Regulated Air and Water Controls use fewer wearable parts
  • Stainless Steel Atomizers are self-cleaning: years of dependable service and "no clog" operation
  • Digital humidistat provides greater accuracy
  • Semi-portable: small size and light weight
  • Completely self contained with humidistat humidity sensor and regulating valves
  • Plug-and-play design for quick installation
  • Optional water and air filters available

May be suspended from ceiling or placed on a flat surface or mounted on a column.
Air Supply - 3/8" air supply line
The plant's air supply is reduced to 30 psi by adjusting the regulator knob. The atomizers are designed to operate with 30-psi of air. The 24 pounds of water per hour model requires 4.8 cfm of air. The 36 pounds of water per hour model requires 7.2 cfm of air.

Water Supply
A 3/8" pipe coupling is mounted at the side of the unit for connection to the water supply.

Electrical Supply
An 8-ft (245-cm) electrical supply cord is provided with the unit. Other lengths are available upon request. Can be plugged into 100VAC to 240VAC, or into 24V DC.

After connecting water, compressed air and electric power to the unit, use the digital panel display buttons to set the desired humidity level.

13-3/4 inches wide, 11-3/4 inches high, 8 inches deep.

25 pounds dry; 30-lbs shipping weight

Optional Accessories

  • Water strainer
  • Air filter
  • Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment

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